Welcome at As You Are Preschool!

MISSION: Our mission is to not only provide an environment where children learn, but develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through Bible stories, songs, prayer, and modeling Christian love. We come alongside families to teach our children that God loves them, Christ died for their sins and they can be with Him in heaven one day.


PHILOSOPHY: We strive to develop the student's cognitive abilities through learning centers and hands on experiences. Our curriculum centers on the "whole child" approach and learning through a balance of teacher directed academics and independent play. Teachers have created a "developmentally appropriate" environment that addresses the needs of children at each developmental stage. We understand that individual children develop at different rates and that there can be a wide range of differences. We believe in the uniqueness of each child and that they all have special talents and gifts. We believe in providing a loving, caring environment for all children, in which each child fees comfortable, will fully assist in developing their gifts.





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